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7 Items to Have for a Car Accident Emergency Kit in New Mexico

Although you may spend much of your time in your vehicle, whether driving to and from work, dropping your kids off at extracurricular activities, or traveling for vacations, you might be surprised to find your car is ill-equipped to handle an emergency.

Having an emergency kit in your vehicle at all times is a great way to help protect your family during virtually any emergency event, especially after car accidents in New Mexico. But which items are essential? Here are some of the top items you should have in your car’s emergency kit:

1. First-Aid Supplies

Having a first aid kit should be a top priority. Inside your first aid kit, be sure to include the following:

  • Tourniquets
  • Gauze
  • Bandages
  • A thermometer
  • Ointment
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Aspirin
  • Tylenol
  • Tweezers
  • First aid instruction book
  • A list of your family member’s medical allergies and conditions
  • Compress dressings
  • Cold packs

As you use these items, be sure to replace them. Remember to take an inventory of your first aid kit twice yearly to check if anything has expired and replace what has.

2. Flashlight with Extra Batteries

A flashlight will be critical if you get into an accident at night or parts that are difficult to see become damaged. Remember to include batteries in the flashlight and an extra set, in case yours expires or needs replacing. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on the flashlight on your phone, as this could quickly become destroyed in a car accident.

3. Extra Clothes

When cold weather hits or you find yourself soaking wet from rain, having extra dry clothing could help you avoid illness after an accident. This is also a great idea if you have young children who might require a change of clothes due to an accident if you get stuck for hours on the road.

4. Flares & Emergency Triangles

You might not have thought about purchasing emergency triangles and flares before. But including them in your emergency kit is a great way to plan ahead and protect yourself if you wind up stuck on the roads.

There have been far too many incidents where injury victims find themselves in a second collision because other drivers did not see the victim’s vehicle in time to avoid a crash. Flares are also an excellent option for accidents that happen at night or in remote areas where you may need to signal for help.

5. Extra Bottles of Water

If you get stuck on a hot New Mexico highway after a crash, you will want extra water bottles in your emergency kit. These could even save you from life-threatening dehydration if you get stuck for a significant amount of time before you can be rescued.

6. Blankets

Be sure to include a few extra blankets in case the weather takes a turn and becomes too cold to bear. These can also offer young children some comfort when they have been involved in a traumatizing experience like a car accident.

7. Emergency Tools

When your car breaks down or you are involved in a collision, you may need specific tools to help get you through these difficult moments. Some of these tools could include:

  • Seat belt cutting tools
  • Scissors
  • A vehicle jack
  • A window breaker
  • A hammer
  • A basic tool kit with essentials

These items can come in handy if you are being held in place by your seat belt, need to make essential repairs, or find yourself submerged in water and need to break the car windows.

Other Items to Keep in Your Vehicle In Case Of a Collision

In addition to these items, there are several others you should also keep in your vehicle at all times, including:

  • Non-perishable food items
  • A second phone charger and charging block
  • A notepad and pen so you can write down what happened
  • A written copy of your emergency contacts and important phone numbers
  • A disposable camera or camera phone to take photos of the accident scene
  • Extra oil, coolant, and other fluids
  • A fire extinguisher
  • A pocket knife
  • A set of jumper cables and manual
  • A bag of sand or cat litter to gain traction when stuck in the snow

These are just a few of the different tools and items that should be included in your emergency kit and kept in your vehicle at all times. Think carefully about other emergency items you might include specific to your family’s needs. For example, if your kids have severe allergies, you may want to include an extra epi-pen or other life-saving medications.

You might also keep a few toys, books, coloring books, or games on hand to reduce your children’s anxiety after such a stressful event. These items could make all the difference in the aftermath of a devastating car accident or vehicle trouble.

Get Help From a Car Accident Lawyer in New Mexico

Your emergency will be helpful if you are ever involved in a car accident. Between emergency tools, first aid kits, and other essential items, your kit will help your family get through the immediate aftermath of nearly any type of motor vehicle crash.

An experienced New Mexico car accident lawyer at Law Giant Injury Lawyers can take over the legalities and help you make the liable party pay. Contact our office to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today. You can reach us through our quick contact form or by phone at 505-900-0000 to get started today.