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5 Expert Witnesses Used in a Car Accident Case

Witnesses — bystanders or passengers who see an accident take place — can strengthen your claim significantly by providing information that helps determine fault. However, your attorney might recruit expert witnesses with unique skills and training to provide credible testimony and analysis in your case.

These experts help determine who’s at fault and help attorneys assess the full extent of your damages to ensure you fight for fair compensation.

Here are seven expert witnesses your attorney might recruit for your case.

1. Accident Reconstruction Experts

Accident reconstruction experts use forensic science to investigate the scene of a car accident and gather evidence that helps attorneys determine how it started and who’s at fault. These certified individuals examine skid marks, vehicle damage, and other forms of evidence and use their knowledge of physics to help recreate the accident through computer-generated simulations.

For example, if the suspected at-fault driver’s vehicle left an unusually long skid mark, this may indicate that they were speeding, causing them to screech to a halt. This is just one example of how an accident reconstruction expert can strengthen your claim.

2. Vocational Rehabilitation Experts

Your accident most likely caused significant injuries. You probably know that you’ll need compensation to cover your initial medical expenses. However, if your injuries are severe enough, you likely need more compensation since you might not be able to return to the same line of work. A vocational expert can provide concrete evidence that shows the true impact your injuries will have on your life.

They can assess your earning capacity, how your injuries affect your work ability, and your day-to-day function. A vocational expert can help you understand how much compensation you should negotiate to ensure you receive a fair deal.

3. Economists

Like vocational rehabilitation experts, economists are often recruited to help evaluate your damages — more specifically, your economic damages that impact your financial earnings, such as lost wages, earning capacity, and business profits. These experts examine past income and taxes to determine whether you started to earn less after your accident.

For example, an economic expert might provide evidence proving you will lose an average of $20,000 annually after your accident. In wrongful death cases, an economic expert can assess the financial support a decedent was providing for their family before their death.

4. Mental Health Experts

Motor vehicle accidents could follow victims long after they recover from their initial injuries. While they may heal physically, they might still struggle with the emotional trauma following their accident. One study that involved interviews of 367 accident victims showed that 27.5% of them reported to have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. This non-economic damage should be accurately assessed and factored into your total compensation. Your attorney can recruit the help of a mental health expert to evaluate your condition and provide evidence proving your mental anguish.

5. Medical Experts

It’s hard to determine the full extent of your injuries after a crash because they might not be apparent right away. You might not even feel pain immediately after your accident. You should always seek medical attention after a car crash, even if you don’t think you’re injured. Your doctor can provide a full assessment of the injuries you endured.

Further, a medical expert can document your recovery journey and determine how your injuries will impact your life as a whole. You might require home modifications or other medical equipment like a wheelchair, which could significantly alter your life.

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