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Car accidents involving sober drivers can be devastating enough, let alone those involving drunk drivers. Alcohol makes drivers fatigued, distracted, and have a slower reaction time. These impairments result in many accidents each year that are often fatal, leading victims to seek financial compensation for their losses.

The thought of pursuing civil litigation while recovering from your injuries may be intimidating. But with the right legal advocate on your side, you could recover the justice and restitution that you deserve. Contact our Albuquerque DUI lawyers at Begum & Cowen Injury & Accident Lawyers for a no-cost, risk-free case review.

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How a DUI Lawyer in Albuquerque Could Help You

Some people hesitate about contacting an attorney after a DUI accident. They might not realize that they have the right to file a civil claim. Under New Mexico law, you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit regardless of the state prosecutor’s criminal charges against the driver.

When you have an experienced Albuquerque DUI attorney representing you, they can handle the following elements of your case:

Let the Law Giant build a compelling case against the drunk driver who harmed you.

Liable Parties in DUI Accidents in Albuquerque

Although you may assume the drunk driver who hit you is directly responsible for your accident, you’d be surprised to learn that other parties could have indirectly contributed to your crash.

Known collectively as “dram shops,” businesses that sell or serve intoxicated individuals may be held financially accountable.

It may not always be obvious whether a dram shop is liable for the injuries you sustained. For this reason, you will need an experienced DUI accident lawyer to review the details of your case and ensure that all guilty parties are brought to justice.

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Compensation for DUI Accident Injuries

Depending on the details and severity of your accident, you could have sustained many economic and non-economic damages.

Below is a list of economic and non-economic damages you could recover in your Albuquerque DUI claim, including:

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“Great group of people to work with—very efficient and professional. Alex has put together a great Team!
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“Great group of people to work with—very efficient and professional. Alex has put together a great Team!
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Albuquerque Drunk Driving Accident Victim’s Rights

When someone else causes you to suffer critical injuries, you have the right to be made whole. You have the right to demand compensation for your injuries and losses. But that does not mean that the liable parties are going to compensate you without a fight.

New Mexico is a fault state for car accidents. You’ll need to file a claim with the drunk driver’s insurance company. If you know anything about insurers, you know that they often try to downplay your injuries to pay you as little as possible.

As a victim of drunk driving, you have the right to:

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Did you suffer critical injuries after being hit by a drunk driver? If so, you may have the right to hold them accountable for their negligence. Make them pay for the suffering you have experienced when you file a civil claim against them.

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